Trend Alert: Zipper Leggings

lindsay lohan zipper leggings

Girls with shapely legs look real sexy with leggings on. One of the celebrities who use leggings often is LINDSAY LOHAN. She even launched her own leggings collection: 6126.

Apparently, word of the recession hasn’t reached Lindsay Lohan and her minions, because, according to this Daily News article, her pricey leggings are selling like mad. Some of them – like the Dom Leggings ($135) and the Mr. President Leggings ($139) with quilted leather knee patches – are cute, but I still don’t think I’d drop a Benjamin on them. Others seem destined for the clearance rack. At least, I hope they are. The number of people who look good in skin-tight animal-print stirrup pants surely doesn’t number into the double digits. Lohan’s publicist Ali Brubaker says that they are “building a lifestyle brand that represents timeless glamour.” Yes, because that’s what springs to mind when I think of Lindsay Lohan.

Would you spend over US$100 on a pair of leggings? I guess it is bit too much for most of us. If you are looking for some option, hit our version! There stretchy leggings with zipper look super chic with tunics, boyfriend cardigans and long tees. The exposed zippers on the leg give them an extra-cool edge. And only $AU39.99 (US$29).

Zipper Leggings-lindsay Lohan copy5

AU$39.99 (US29)

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