Trend Alert: Ankle Boots

Ankle Boots

How to wear ankle boots:

Do Balance Out Black Boots with Black Jacket

Sometimes black booties look harsh with short dresses in light colors, but by adding a black leather jacket to a sparkly dress this look balances itself out.

Don’t Wear Ankle Boots with Full, Long Skirts

he proportion of an ankle boot with a mid-calf, full skirt is all wrong: ankle boots look best as part of a leggy look, either with short skirt, skinny jeans or leggings.

Do Wear Boots with Tights

One of the easiest ways to wear ankle boots is to pair black shoes with black tights (and a black dress if you really want to go monochromatic.) The look is flattering for most women and most cuts of ankle boots.

Don’t Mistake Ankle Boots for Formal Wear

While ankle boots and cocktail dresses may be cool and trendy, clunky ankle boots will never replace refined pumps or strappy sandals for black-tie events.

Ankle Boots

Do Go Bare-Legged

Even if your legs aren’t tan, the overall look of bare legs and ankle boots is hard to beat.

Do Tuck Skinny Jeans into Ankle Boots

Slim bottoms — like skinny jeans and leggings — are a natural for ankle boots. Just slip these tight-fitting bottoms into the top of ankle boots for a sleek look.

Don’t Wear Taller Ankle Boots with Longer Skirts

In general, the taller the shaft of the ankle boot, the shorter the skirt should be. Wearing a knee-length skirt with a taller ankle boot visually shortens the leg and gives you a chopped-off look.

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One thought on “Trend Alert: Ankle Boots

  1. I agree with you on not wearing them to black tie events, but definietly wear them dresses to nightclubs and parties! I love how they look hear

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