Angelina Jolie went mental upon Brad Pitt still contacts Jennifer Aniston

Angelina Jolie in Versace gown

ANGELINA Jolie was left furious when she found out partner Brad Pitt had resumed contact — yet again — with his ex-wife Jennifer Aniston.

Sources say Jolie — who raises six children with the hunky Hollywood star — threw a wobbly after she learned Pitt had been to see Aniston. Brad’s rendezvous with Jen occurred in early June — just as Angelina was preparing to celebrate her  35th birthday.

Angelina went mental when she found out Brad had been texting Jen and meeting with her — despite his promise to cut all ties with his ex-wife,” a source told American tabloid the National Enquirer.

“That news totally rocked Angie’s world and she ended up calling her birthday celebration off at the last minute.” Jolie and Pitt apparently had a huge fight when the actor returned to the couple’s mansion in Los Feliz, Calif. “When Brad returned home, Angie confronted him abut where he’d been, and he insisted he’d seen a few buddies on the other side of the city. “But Angie didn’t believe him and is sure he met up with Jen — or at least called her for a heart-to-heart.

“Brad and Angelina had put their differences behind them, but that was because she believed he had cut ties with Jen for good.

“They really bonded in Italy [where Jolie filmed The Tourist with Johnny Depp] and Angie was so excited about spending her birthday with Brad and the kids. But when she found out that Brad and Jen had started talking again, it put them back to square one. “She told Brad what she thought of him, and things got pretty unpleasant between them. As he’s done on many occasions, Brad decided to get out of the house and give Angie space, so she spent the large part of her birthday alone.” Meanwhile, it has been claimed that Jolie had a steamy affair with actor Ethan Hawke — while he was still married to actress Uma Thurman.

Star magazine says Jolie and Hawke hooked up while they were shooting Taking Lives in 2003. “Angie and Ethan couldn’t keep their hands to themselves, and they spent a lot of hot nights together in their hotel suite,” a source told the tabloid. But the fling didn’t last long, the sources says, because “Ethan was two-timing Angelina” with Canadian model Jen Perzow.

“Angelina has long had a fascination with seducing guys with wives. She always told Brad he was the only married man she had been with,” a source said. “If he knew the truth, it would break his heart.”

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