Lady Gaga without Makeup

Pop Princess, Lady Gaga amazing pictures without makeup below….prepare to be shocked.

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10 thoughts on “Lady Gaga without Makeup

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  2. sorayaM on said:

    I’m not shocked.. i think she looks like a regular girl

    • I agree she is pretty but looks tired because of dark circals under her eyes.If that photo was as you call it shocking then i guess i should start wearing a bag over my head i must look like a mutant to you people.i like her music and love the way she changes her looks and dress.Lady gaga you rock people have all ways picked on me for being differant too.And now at 52 i have a eye that turns to the side that i can not see from i think im going to put bling on that eye lens piece just to get more looks.Robyn R., I.N.

  3. Oh come on…. she looks so young in these pictures! Didn’t we all look a bit ‘awkward’ when we we teenagers?

  4. Malce on said:

    She looks pretty, I don’t like her music, but I like her

  5. justperfect555 on said:

    OMG she looks like soooo pretty i dont even know y she would were makeup anyway she looks prettier without it!!!!!!! r u sure thats lady gaga she looks sooo pretty im NOT shocked NO way

  6. your lover on said:

    she wears to much maekup. WAY too much. shes a good singer though. just not very pretty. AND WHY DID SHE GO BLONDE?!

  7. bottom pics she act looks pretty 🙂 but the top pic is awful haha

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