Jennifer Aniston Made Magazines Best Sellers

I learned in journalism school that when it comes to selling magazines, nothing is better than a dead celebrity. But while you can’t always count on an unexpected death, you can count on Jennifer Aniston.

The Audit Bureau of Circulations Rapid Report reports that covers featuring Aniston have been top sellers in 2010 — even for non-women’s mags or gossip rags. Aniston’s cover of Architectural Digest, for example, sold 118,000 copies off the rack — 32,000 more than the publication’s next-highest seller.

Last year’s Jen-trified covers of GQ and Elle were those magazines’ top-selling issue of the year, as well.

I say why stop there? We’re in a recession, people — take it to the max. Maybe feature a lonely-looking Jen gazing slightly over her left shoulder, positioned next to an extra eye-linered and sultry-looking Angelina Jolie gazing smugly to the right — add Brad Pitt as needed. Throw in some celebrity baby mugshots down the right column, a reality TV starlet (preferably recently surgerized) and you’ve got the best-selling cover of all time.

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