Miley Cyrus says goodbye to ‘Hannah Montana’

Miley Cyrus in a cute leopard dress + combat boots

Thursday July 1, 2010. Miley Cyrus holds onto her boyfriend Liam Hemsworth as the pair goes for breakfast at Patys diner in Toluca Lake. Miley showed off her bikini tan lines in a short, leopard print dress, pair with biker belted boots. She looks really relaxing, happy and cute!

Latest news said Miley will soon move on from the show “Hannah Montana” into bigger and better ventures. The last season entitled “Hannah Montana Forever” is about to premiere.

The fourth and final season will air on July 11th on the Disney Channel and there’s no doubt that girls all over the world will be left wanting more. Cyrus recently told reporters, “I can’t base my career off of the six-year-olds. It’s the 16-year-olds, the 26-year-olds I’m trying to reach for now. I have to move on,” reports Reuters.

After Cyrus wraps her independent film “LOL (Laughing Out Loud),” she is planning on moving into her newly purchased home. Father Billy Ray stated, “I’m very thankful for what we’ve been through (with the show), but it’s time to turn the page.” He added, “This year didn’t have to happen, but we did it because we thought it was the right thing to do. I left it up to Miley (to decide). I’m very proud of her that she made what I consider to be a very honorable choice.”

Miley fans, take it in, because this is the last time you’ll be seeing “Hannah Montana.”

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  1. Luuuuv them ;*

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